EMOTRON AFE - Active Front End Drives

Cost-efficient and trouble-free operation with AFE


Emotron Active Front End drives are available in two versions: Low harmonic drives and Regenerative drives. Both are based on standard Emotron AC drives, offering the same reliability, easy handling and advanced functionality. The drives are delivered as complete solutions in IP54 classified cabinets.

Trouble-free operation

Emotron AFE drives produce extremely low harmonic distortions. They provide genuine unity power factor, and offer the possibility of reactive power compensation. The drives are nonsensitive to voltage dips or harmonics from other equipment. Voltage boosting assures full motor power in case of mains voltage fluctuations.

Low harmonic distortions

Emotron Low harmonic drives produce typically less than THDI 5% compared to 30-50% in conven-tional drives, thereby fulfilling the IEEE-519 standard. Reduced power losses eliminate the need to over dimension cables and transformers. Lower distortions also cause fewer malfunctions in other electronic equipment.

Regenerative braking

Emotron Regenerative drives, in addition to low harmonic distortions, offer considerable energy savings by feeding the braking energy back to the mains in applications such as cranes and centrifuges. The drives are rated for four quadrant operation with 100% power in both directions ensuring continuous full braking power.

Range Power Supply Applications
55 - 1,000 kW 380-690 V, 3-Phase Cranes, Centrifuges, Conveyors, test benches, Pumps and fans

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