PowerFlex 40

PowerFlex 40 - AC Drives

PowerFlex 40

PowerFlex® 40 AC Drives provide OEMs, machine builders, and end users with performance-enhancing motor control in an easy-to-use compact package. These drives feature sensorless vector control to meet low-speed torque demands. With flexible enclosure options, and simple programming, they can be installed and configured quickly. We also have packaged drives that provide additional control, power, and enclosure options in standardized designs.

Highlights :

  • Power ratings:
    100...120V: 0.4...1.1 kW / 0.5...1.5 Hp / 2.3...6 A
    200...240V: 0.4...7.5 kW / 0.5...10 Hp / 2.3...33 A
    380...480V: 0.4...11 kW / 0.5...15 Hp / 1.4...24 A
    500...600V: 0.75...11 kW / 1...15 Hp / 1.7...19 A
  • IP20 NEMA/UL Type Open, plate drive, flange mount, IP66 NEMA/UL Type 4X/12, and DIN rail.
  • Optional IP30 NEMA/UL Type 1 conversion kit.
  • Ambient temperatures up to 50 °C (122 °F) permitted with minimal spacing between drives.
  • Zero Stacking™ Drives for ambient temperatures up to 40 °C (104°F).
  • V/Hz and sensorless vector control, as well as process PID.
  • Integral RS-485 communication.
  • Optional serial converter module for use with any controller with DF1 messaging.
  • Optional DeviceNet™, ControlNet™, and EtherNet/IP™, Profibus DP, BACnet™, and LonWorks® communication modules.
  • Drive overload protection, ramp regulation, and flying start.
  • StepLogic® allows operation as an independent position controller.
  • Configuration and programming via integral LCD keypad, remote keypad, or software.
  • Premier Integration with PowerFlex® AC drives uses the Logix control platform to simplify parameter and tag programming and reduce development time.

Packaged Drive Options :

  • Power options include circuit breaker, fused disconnect, bypass, and input fuses.
  • Output relay and transformer control options.
  • Door-mounted human interface module (HIM), hand/off/auto selector switch, status pilot lights, and speed potentiometer .

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